Mindful Touch An Intuitive Bodywork Therapy


Here is an invitation to replenish

& reset your nervous system.

Experience the opportunity to awaken

to a deeper sense of connection with yourself. 

Find more freedom in your body 

by moving towards a flexibile spine,

thus creating a flexible mind.


Mindful Touch offers a holistic approach to

bodywork therapy. Understanding that

everything is energy, therefore symptoms

arise on all levels of our being.  

Assisting in the healing process in this way

creates opportunities for balance to occur.


Managing Pain On All Levels

Bring Balance To Your Being  


Mindful Touch

Integrating Shaitsu, Massage,

Energy Medicine, Aroma Acupoint

Therapy, Intuitive & Akashic 

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Samantha Spyridakos,

LMT, ABT, 3rd * RP, AAT

Licensed Massage Therapist,

Asian Bodywork Therapist,

3rd Degree Reiki Practitioner,

Aroma Acupoint Therapist  


Ruscombe Community Health Center

4801 Yellowwood Avenue, 2w1

Baltimore, MD 21209




~Thank You For Visiting

& Have A Peaceful Day~