Mindful Touch An Intuitive Bodywork Therapy



Samantha brings 17 years of practice to her sessions.

She graduated from Baltimore School of Massage

in 1999 as a Licensed Massage Therapist

and in 2001 as a Certified Asian Bodywork Therapist.

She returned to Baltimore School of Massage in 

2003-2005 as a Teaching Assistant in both the 

Massage and Shiatsu programs.


Samantha graduated with an

Associates in Health Science in 2009.

She partakes in ongoing continuing education

in Chinese Medicine/Shiatsu, Massage Therapy and

other modalites to enhance her practice. 


In August 2014 she completed a certification in 

Structural Myofascial at PMTI and is excited to integrate 

this aspect of bodywork into her practice.


Staring in June of 2015 Samantha began to study 

Aroma Acupoint Therapy as well as treating 

mental-emotional disharmonies with essential oils.

The medicine of the oils mingling with the action

of the acupoints are profound! Please inquire!