Traditional, Zen, Barefoot Shiatsu,

Aroma Acupoint Therapy & *Jin Shin Do

Therapeutic Massage~

Deep Tissue, Myofasial, *Tuina & *Reflexology

Energetic Modalities~

Reiki, Energetic & Aura Reading,

Mediumship & *Chakra Balancing

Intuitive & Akashic Record Readings

Additional Techniques~

Guasha, Cupping, Moxa,

Muscle Testing & Essential Oils

 *Trained as elective courses

& are used sporadically*


When your body is not aligned,

The inner power will not come.

When you are not tranquil within,

Your mind will not be well ordered.

Align your body, assist the inner power,

Then it will gradually come on its own.

Nei-Yeh (Inward Training, 4th century BCE)