The Practicioner

I feel a great honor and heartfelt delight to be part of the healing arts.  At the age of seven I realized my strong affinity towards healing through touch.  Influenced by my mother’s ability to love immensely, to nurture and to look to nature for remedies, set forth the foundation of my interest within the healing arts.

My natural inclinations in life have been to seek a balanced relationship with the body, this incredible vehicle that we live in, as well as our food and how we enjoy being nourished. Influenced by martial arts, meditation, yoga, an appreciation for functional body mechanics, cultivating a spiritual practice and eating wisely, it is a daily devotion to use the tremendous tools we are given to keep well.

My inspiration of life influences my intention to what I bring and share to the table.  In recent years, baring witness to my mother’s “dis-ease”, being a support person for her in her time of transitioning, thus leaving this world has changed me and the way I approach life, those I work with, and my understanding of our ability to heal.

What I know more now than ever is that living in a state of gratitude and listening deeply, both inwardly and outwardly is the driving force behind the work I am sharing.  This can influence you, the receiver of this work in different ways for each one of you.  Because of the dynamic world of modalities in the healing arts, our common goal can be to listen to what part of your being is speaking out, what part needs attention and finding ways for balance to occur.

Massage is connecting with tissue therefore physical.  So much deeper than that, when the structure we live in is looked through a lens of sighting where symmetry can be brought back to the body, changes affect more than our physical well being.   Similarly, the shift that takes place when the energy of an acu-point is called forth to take action, there is an invitation for movement and change that encourages us to reach towards a more balanced state.

I am amazed and incredibly grateful to have an opportunity to look inside this window for potential change.  To hold space for people, to be present and aware of these many aspects that makes us whole.  My ongoing commitment is to understand how we are designed, and how to listen to what is needed to bring balance to your being.

With Honor,

Samantha Spyridakos